PLANTERS WITH HANDLES (30 Litres to 160 Ltrs)
GIANT PLANTERS NO HANDLES (210 litres to 1500 Ltrs)


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Page updated 10 May 2020.


For planters up to 160 Litres, we can despatch these to any address in mainland England, Wales, lowland Scotland (nb, excluding islands, Northern Ireland, Scottish highlands)

Our delivery charge by carrier is £15.00 per order (for any combination of items). Please contact US for delivery charge to other addresses (email: We can not send these items to addressses outside the UK, because of the cost of transportation.

We can not send GIANT PLANTERS (ie over 160 litres) by carrier. These items may be collected from our nursery by the purchaser, or we can deliver with our van by arrangement, typically withn 20 miles radius of our nursery. (nursery address: Lincluden Nursery, Shaftesbury Road, Bisley, Surrey, GU24 9EN). Contact us for further information :, 0776-295-0000.

Customers are welcome to view and purchase items personally at our nursery. Please contact us in advance to ensure the nursery is open (0776-295-0000).

We normally despatch on Tuesdays and Thusdays.

For further information see: Ordering


Sizes 30 Litres to 160 Litres
These are robust commercial items for trees. Manufactured in black plastic.
All with drainage holes (both to the side and in the base).

Ideal for container gardening - trees, fruit trees, shrubs,vegetables. 

The handles are itended for carrying the planters while empty. They are not intended for carrying the pots when filled with soil.
Note that the planters are of different shapes: some are relatively tall and some are relatively wide.  

all planters

Enlarged picture 160L, 155L, 130L, 125L,110L, 100L, 90L, 80L, 75L, 60L, 50L, 43L, 35L, 30L

(Note: Dimensions are external at top excluding handles)

30 Litre  photo
400mm diameter, 330mm tall
Price £5.00 each 


35 Litre photo
445mm diameter, 370mm tall
Price £6.50 each


43 Litre photo
490mm diameter, 350mm tall
Price £8.50 each


50 Litre photo
490mm diameter, 400mm tall
Price £9.00 each


60 Litre photo
540mm diameter, 380mm tall
Price £11.00 each  


65 Litre photo
540mm diameter, 410mm tall
Price £11.50 each  


75 Litre photo
550mm diameter, 480mm tall
Price £14.50 each  


80 Litre photo
590mm diameter, 420mm tall
Price £15.00 each  


90 Litre photo
600mm diameter, 480mm tall
Price £16.50 each 


100 Litre
590mm diameter, 510mm tall
Price £18.50 each 


110 Litre photo
630mm diameter, 490mm tall
Price £21.00 each


125 Litre photo
630mm diameter, 530mm tall
Price £25.00 each 


130 Litre photo
690mm diameter, 500mm tall
Price £30.00 each  


155 Litre photo
740mm diameter, 510mm tall
Price £40.00 each 


160 Litre photo
Price £45.00 each
800mm diameter, 510mm tall

This is the largest size planter that we can send by courier.
Please contact us if you wish to order more than 3.


No handles, with drainage holes

Suitable for specimen trees.

We can not deliver these items nationally. Customers are wecome to collect them from our nursery. We can deliver to 20 miles radius in our van, by arrangement. Please contact us for further details: 0776-295-0000 or

giant plastic planters
Shown above are 1500L, 1000L, 750L, 500L, 350L, 230L
Not shown above:  240 litre squat,  285 litre.

Another Photo 500L,350L, 230L

210 Litre
800mm diameter, 550mm tall
Price £46.00 each

230 Litre
840mm diameter, 550mm tall
Price £50.00 each

285 Litre
950mm diameter,  550mm tall
Price £75.00 each  

350 Litre
950mm diameter, 730mm tall
Price £80.00 each

500 Litre
1050mm dia, 780mm tall
Price £85.00 each

750 Litre 1200mm dia, 900mm tall
Price £115.00 each

1000 Litre
1400mm dia, 900mm tall
Price £215.00 each

1500 Litre
1550mm dia, 1000mm tall
Price £440.00 each

Available to order